Haiko is Live on Mainnet!

3 min readFeb 6, 2024


Today, we are excited to announce that Haiko is officially live for users on Starknet Mainnet.

We look forward to finally welcoming Liquidity Providers and Traders to our platform, for first access to Strategy Vaults and other powerful features from our groundbreaking AMM protocol.

To dive right in, access Haiko at https://app.haiko.xyz/.

Haiko AMM

Haiko is a powerful new V4 Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that integrates custom LP strategies to provide simple access to market making yield. It also features a number of advanced LP features such as Native Limit Orders and Custom Market Schemas.

Two weeks ago, we first launched Haiko in alpha on Starknet Goerli Testnet, and received a strong positive response from the Starknet and wider DeFi community.

Today, we are excited to make Haiko available without limitations on Starknet Mainnet. You can provide liquidity or trade on the platform with an Argent or Braavos wallet.

What has changed since testnet?

The Haiko Interface, already familiar to users, remains largely the same.

Behind the scenes, we have been pushing a number of incremental updates to optimise gas costs, fix bugs and improve user experience — incorporating user feedback from our growing community.

This includes shipping a new Dashboard View that helps LPs better monitor the rebalancing history and performance of Strategy Vaults.

Dashboard view for Strategy Vaults.

It displays a graphical view of past rebalancing actions and tracks Profit and Loss (P&L), Annualised Percentage Yield (APY), Divergence Loss, Rebalancing P&L, amongst other key metrics.

As we discussed previously, a major handicap for onchain Liquidity Providers comes from the lack of information and affordances. By integrating a rich analytics layer on top of our Vault products, we hope to level the playing field in favour of Haiko LPs.

Of course, we will be using these same analytics to continuously benchmark and fine tune strategies for our users.

Besides this, we have also added a new Leaderboard feature to keep track of our top users, allowing them to earn points by providing liquidity, swapping, or referring others to Haiko. The Leaderboard aims to provide a transparent view of our top users for purposes of future incentives distribution.

What’s next for Haiko?

Launching on Starknet Mainnet marks the beginning of an ambitious attempt to reinvent on-chain market making.

Behind the scenes, we are already starting work on the next batch of features, including integrations with aggregators, adding support for more strategies and expanding the range of market types, e.g. to support non-Concentrated Liquidity (i.e. V2) pools.

For now, we invite our earliest adopters to Haiko. Come experience a simpler, more powerful way to market make and trade on-chain. We promise it will be an exciting journey for you ahead.

You can learn more about Haiko by reading Introducing Haiko or by reading our documentation for a deeper dive.

App: https://app.haiko.xyz/